Our integrated solutions for your event or point-of-sale

Providing a consistent brand image across the different channels is key. SEPIA is specialised in the point-of-sale and event channels with marketing solutions, containing physical and/or digital touchpoints. In a long term partnership, we manage your marketing and event materials in a consistent way. Based on our expertise in qualitative execution, marketing tools, support and data measurement we make a solution for your needs. We can carry out your POS marketing or event from A to Z, or we can assist you with specific tools and/or services. That’s entirely up to you.

Take a look at our wide range of services and tools below. We guarantee a tailor-made solution for your point-of-sale or event.


A perfect and in time execution is key. We guarantee the qualitative, timely realisation of your event visibility with branded event materials, extra rented materials as well as digital signage integration.

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We measure and analyse your marketing material data to optimise your marketing budget.

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Our solutions are supported with connecting tools. On the one hand to facilitate your marketing material and content management, e.g. webshop, media center, digital visit etc, and on the other hand to add experience and interactivity at your POS or event, e.g. digital signage software.

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We care for your POS network and for You ! You can ask for advice or troubleshooting via our professional POS or event helpdesk. We also assign you a dedicated account responsible, happy to be your personal daily contact person.

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The technological revolution opens new doors. SEPIA provides you with ideas to add experience and interactivity at your POS or event.

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