Today SEPIA has different business activities with different operating companies.

SEPIA retail

SEPIA retail provides a full range of marketing services and solutions to enhance brand visibility and brand experience on Point of Sales. These services ensure a qualitative, timely realisation of your marketing plans on your point-of-sale whether it concerns delivery of marketing materials or installations of POS visibility for each campaign. Based on experience and data analysis, optimization is realized on both your marketing materials quantity as well as the process.

SEPIA retail serves corporate brands in the BeNeLux. Service and quality are the key values

SEPIA events

SEPIA events provides a full range of marketing services and solutions to enhance brand visibility and brand experience on Events. These services ensure a qualitative, timely realisation of your event whether it concerns physical event materials (podia, truss, flags, tents, etc) or interactive digital content carriers (digital totems, etc). Based on experience and new technologies, new marketing materials and activations solutions are tailor made to your needs..

SEPIA events serves corporate brands in the BeLux. Service and quality are the key values.

SEPIA digital

SEPIA digital is specialized in content flow solutions in SaaS with on the one hand Digital Signage Solutions to bring the right content to the right place on the right time and on the other hand offering an easy accessible Digital Marketing Platform SEPIA360 including Digital Content Management to manage your content and show and share this to each stakeholder.

Have a look at the website of Digital Signage solutions on www.sepiadigital.be
You can find the website of our Digital Marketing platform SEPIA360 via www.sepia.be/360.


Strategic locations

The headquarters is located in Doornpark, Beveren.



Human beings have a unique character and they have their specific DNA. Together, these shape our personality and affect our lifestyle and relationships. The same could be said for companies. The values they hold dear, that run through their veins… this constant DNA determines actions and decisions from the inside. On the other hand, each employee’s individual character also shapes the image of and the culture within their company.

At SEPIA, we have named our DNA: IMPACT. These letters each represent their own values, and together they signal our unique personality.

Right from the start, we are Positive, Agile, Customer-driven and Team-oriented. This is a PACT we forge with our intrinsic values as well as with our customers. A positive attitude in combination with an agile mindset is a pre-requisite for these changing times.

We treasure Customer Intimacy and make sure to put the customer front and centre in all our strategies. We assemble creative teams where every member feels motivated and can motivate others. The M for Motivation is indispensable in the SEPIA DNA.

Then you just add the power of connecting Identities and our positive IMPACT is complete! We consider self-knowledge and understanding and acknowledging your own nature and identity basic prerequisites for building toward healthy professional relationships with others. Our communication is founded on respect for the needs, expertise and skills of others and ourselves. Connection and empathy play crucial parts in this journey.

Finally, continuous IMProvement is a main principle at SEPIA. Our approach is characterised by personal development, process optimisation and a driven quest for ever more improvements for our customers.

We stimulate everyone to ACT! Do something, take initiative, stand out. Co-creation is not a dead letter. It adds value both to SEPIA’s internal workings and to our relationships with every single one of our stakeholders.

In sum, at SEPIA, we work with and toward IMPACT! That is our DNA and our culture.



The history of SEPIA dates back to 1954. Its predecessor starts installing illuminated signs and outline lighting at petrol stations, introducing one of the first ‘visibility materials’ for points-of-sale. In the next decades, the company gradually increases its range of products and services. It builds a rich expertise in promotions and brand visibility at points-of-sale and for events, trade shows and product launches.

In 2002 Bärbel Buyse and Guido Vandenabeele - the former shareholders - acquire the company. In 2005 they initiate the rebranding into SEPIA and move the headquarters to Beveren-Waas in 2009. The entrepreneurial approach of Bärbel and Guido gives a significant boost to SEPIA. They believe in creating a dynamic culture with a team of motivated and engaged people. The team has the freedom to take ownership, to show their engagement and serve you at their best.

Since April 2021 the SEPIA companies SEPIA nv, SEPIA retail, SEPIA events, SEPIA digital are incorporated in the Staci Group and Jens Vercammen is appointed CEO. Staci operates in the same activities as SEPIA with a logistic footprint in 6 countries in Europe, in the UK and in the USA as well as a digital signage footprint under the brand Pixel Inspiration in UK and France. The Staci Group is developing rapidly. The owners of the Staci Group are Ardian (majority shareholder), Société Générale Capital Partenaires and the Management. The head office is located near Paris and there is also a brand in Belgium that operates from Boom under the name Staci Belgium. More information can be found at https://be.staci.com and www.pixelinspiration.co.uk .

Contact data

Jens Vercammen - CEO - +32 477 44 65 84 - jvercammen@sepia.be




Our promise is a customized solution where you can rely upon. Whatever it takes, we make it happen. Flexibility and positive mindset are key in the SEPIA attitude. In SEPIA’s approach, interacting with and listening to you is key. If we understand your brand values and customer expectations, we can pro-actively advice you to develop and execute the best possible solution. This personalized, service-driven approach, guarantees tailor-made solutions, in-time execution, whatever flexibility it takes. Our aim: taking your worries away and creating Happy Customers.


Our “continuously high quality” attitude is first of all reflected in a perfect execution of your marketing on POS and Events. If we install a flag, it must stand right. If we install digital signage, it must work good. If we design new materials, quality should be high. If we manage sales literature, we analyze data to optimize.

Moreover, in this rapidly transforming VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, quality and reliability are extremely important. SEPIA responds to these needs by integrating new technologies. Think of 1-to-1 interactivity, digital signage, personalised content, print and digital integrations, new event materials and webshop and mediacenter tools.

This quest for high quality solutions and products is awarded with ISO 9001:2015 certifications and VCA/SCC for investments in safety health and environment. The importance we attach to ethics, respect and corporate social responsibility are certified with the Ecovadis Silver label.

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