In the customer journey, the channels at POS and events play an important role in increasing the customer experience and brand connection. We provide solutions for marketing and event materials for your points-of-sale or events, servicing both physical touchpoints (print, POS visibility, event materials, etc) as well as digital signage interactive touchpoints.

   At your point-of-sale

Your point-of-sale is an important channel in the customer journey. Whether your brand has its own (or franchise) point-of-sale network, is part of a multibrand POS network, uses shop in shop or works with temporary pop-up shops.

In all cases, it’s a real added value to create a POS where your consumers can experience and connect with your brand and products. Brand visibility and interactive marketing tools can enhance this customer experience. As your marketing partner, SEPIA adds value by guaranteeing qualitative, premium POS marketing, as well as managing interactivity and personalized content using digital signage solutions.

   At your event

Events are the perfect occasion for your brand to stand out and create customer experience. Whether you plan a corporate or private event, sponsor a sport, music or cultural event, attend a trade show or use pop-up events.

SEPIA translates your brand values into concrete event marketing touchpoints. As your marketing partner, we make sure your brand is optimally visible. We manage both (physical) event marketing materials, as well as propose new interactive tools (e.g. using digital signage), from creation to execution, to measurement. Our team makes sure everything goes according to plan and offers professional support.